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When looking around for the best live music within the Kansas City, Missouri area, Knuckleheads never fails to satisfy and impress. Knuckleheads provides a large setting for concerts with an incredible four different areas to enjoy! One area is the exciting outdoor stage which is always beaming with energy with it's converted caboose as the main stage and western meets industrial seating areas. 

If you prefer an indoor concert setting, the Knuckleheads has you covered with another three other stages; the Knuckleheads Garage, the indoor stage and the Gospel lounge which is renowned for it's mid week blues orientated church service. Attending an event at Knuckleheads, does not only you can expect to witness mind-blowing live music, it also gives the chance to soak up the atmosphere and unique decor. If you know of someone who loves blues, rock and country music then Knuckleheads is the one and only place to be! Knuckleheads is an award winning venue and was given the "Keeping Blues Alive" award in 2008, naming it as "the place to see live Blues in Kansas City" and "...a premier stop for Blues artists traveling through the Midwest". Want to experience a night at the Knuckleheads Saloon? Take a look at whats coming up on the listings page and grab your tickets for one of the unmissable events taking place...

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