Anthony Gomes at Knuckleheads

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Knuckleheads Saloon Indoor Stage | Kansas City, Missouri

Anthony Gomes

Are you ready to feel the BLUES like never before? Clear your calendar for November 25th because Anthony Gomes is hitting the stage at Knuckleheads Saloon Indoor Stage in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s where fiery guitar work meets raw, uncut emotion, folks.

Gomes, with his electrifying riffs and soulful melodies, promises a night of passion-soaked blues you won't forget. The air will be electric, the grooves infectious. Imagine standing there, the buzz of the crowd, that first soul-piercing guitar note slicing through the chatter. You're not just at a show; you’re IN the moment, living the songs you LOVE.

Hearing hits like “Music is the Medicine” and “Come Down” live? Unreal. Each chord, each lyric—it’s going to hit different when they're ringing through Knuckleheads. That stage has seen legends, and on November 25th, you'll know why.

Experience the raw power of blues at its BEST. Don't miss your shot to get swept up in a night of pure, pulsating anthems with Anthony Gomes.

Grab your tickets NOW and let’s KEEP the music ALIVE! 🎸🔥

Jazz lovers have asked for it and now Knuckleheads Saloon Indoor Stage has listened and answered the call. When you attend a venue of this caliber, you can expect a night that you won't soon forget! Enjoy the many privileges once you attend the event. Every now and then, we all deserve a night of great music and this is your opportunity. The venue is absolutely one of the best around and for several reasons! From the luxurious and comfortable seats to the glorious lighting. Cheery and courteous staff will help make the night of jazz more enjoyable. Are you now even more excited about attending? Then make haste! Secure a seat for yourself and your family by clicking on the ‘get tickets’ button.

Anthony Gomes at Knuckleheads Saloon Indoor Stage

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