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Knuckleheads Garage At Knuckleheads Saloon | Kansas City, Missouri

Carbon Leaf

HEY ALL, buckle-up! We're about to BLAST into the ultimate concert experience you've been waiting for! Carbon Leaf, the dynamic band that has been setting your soul on fire for years, is coming to none other than KNUCKLEHEADS GARAGE AT KNUCKLEHEADS SALOON in Kansas City Missouri on October 14, 2023 for their latest tour.

Tick-tock goes the clock, my amigos, don't let this opportunity pass by - grab those tickets faster than you can say "hella tight concert!" This is gonna be more phenomenal than watching Bill Murray in Ghostbusters for the first time, trust us on this one. This ain’t no plain-jane sock hop, this is CARBON LEAF, the lovechild of folk, rock, and Celtic vibes, bringing truth-in-music straight from their souls and into our hearts, live on stage.

Expect to hear greatest hits off their bow-chicka-wow-wow album "The Echo Echo" AND others that will definitely give you ALL. THE. FEELS. We’re talking “Life Less Ordinary” and "What About Everything?" here, peeps! It doesn’t get much better than this!

Think of it as your go-to cocktail of nostalgia, kickassery, and hardcore music appreciation. The sort of concert experience that makes life worth living, with the kind of live show energy that makes you believe in the power of music all over again!

If you've never felt your heart pound in rhythm with a drumbeat, prepare to be awakened. Dude, you’ll be headbanging, foot-stomping, and hip-swaying HARD. Secure your ticket, join the Carbon Leaf concert experience, and let’s make KNICKLEHEADS Garage THE rockin' epicenter of Kansas City, Missouri on October 14. Rock on, dudes and dudettes!

Hey, all you cool cats and groovy chicks! Hang on to your fedoras and beanies because we got some rad news for ya'! It's confirmed, totally for real. Carbon Leaf is coming - YEP, it's happening! You've been given the green light right from the Horse's mouth, dudes and dudettes - their pulsating 'Roots and Indie rock' is coming right at ya' on October 14, 2023! And the venue? Only the best for the best; we're talking about the renowned Knuckleheads Garage at Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansas City, Missouri.

Let's cut the chit chat and get down to business. Smash that piggy-bank and pull out those cherished green pieces. It’s TICKET time! Kick back, log on, and deck out for the Carbon Leaf CONCERT. They're bringing their riveting, electrifying, major hootenanny TOUR all the way from Richmond, Virginia - that's right, folks, THE radical rendezvous of the year!!

And let's not forget this infamous quintet has enough awards under their belt to make even Lady Justice jealous. Celebrated for their rocking performances (which have been described as nothing short of atomic explosions of sound and raw, untamed emotion), Carbon Leaf stands proud among major leviathans of the music industry.THEY. ARE. MASSIVE. They've won the American Music Association’s Album of the Year, for crying out loud. That ain't no small potatoes!

Now, let’s talk venue – the Knuckleheads Garage. Just hearing the name sends shivers down the spine! This place has a rep, an air, a reputation like none other, my pals. We're not just talking leaky warehouses and musty basements stuffed with local indie bands. Knuckleheads Garage is BIG. Chic, grungy, spilling over with charisma, and “jaw-on-the-floor” history. Man, just standing there in that DNA of rock 'n roll, indie, blues - the lot! - is enough to give you the blissed-out feels. A guaranteed maximum return of good vibes!

Come for the music, stay for the ambience. And the beer - yeah, they have intoxicating brews flowing as freely as the sweet beats from the stage. Every inch of this place screams (or mildly rasps) of good times and unforgettable nights.

Alright, dudes and dudettes, consider this your VIP invite - quick, GRAB THOSE TICKETS! They're hot, they're trendy, they're your one-way ticket to the ultimate merriment destination. Don’t you dare miss it – your future self is thanking you already. Get your tickets NOW. We'll see you there, in the front row, heads banging, hearts throbbing. Oh, it's ON!

Carbon Leaf at Knuckleheads Garage At Knuckleheads Saloon

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