Michael B. Tipton and The Randos at Knuckleheads

Michael B. Tipton and The Randos Tickets

Knuckleheads Saloon Outdoor Stage | Kansas City, Missouri

Michael B. Tipton and The Randos

Prepare for a night to remember with Michael B. Tipton and The Randos at Kansas City's iconic Knuckleheads Saloon Outdoor Stage! Join us on Saturday, June 22, 2024, for an memorable concert under the stars featuring your favorite hits like "Whiskey Dreams" and "Midnight Highway." Michael B. Tipton's soulful voice, combined with The Randos' toe-tapping tunes, make for a live show that's won awards across the nation.

This event is more than just a concert—it's a gathering of the country music community where every chord strummed resounds with the center of America. Tickets are selling faster than hotcakes, and you don't want to miss out on the good times and great tunes. Secure your spot for an evening packed with music that speaks to the soul and join a crowd that feels like family.

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Imagine a night under a star-filled Missouri sky, surrounded by the strumming of guitars and the soulful songs of true country music. That's what awaits you at the much-anticipated concert of Michael B. Tipton and The Randos on Saturday the 22nd of June, 2024. The Knuckleheads Saloon Outdoor Stage in Kansas City will come alive with the sounds of passionate ballads and the kind of foot-tapping tunes that resonate with the middle of America. Expect an captivating atmosphere as fans from all walks of life gather to share in the stories spun by these talented musicians. This evening promises to be an extraordinary celebration of country spirit you won't want to miss.

Michael B. Tipton

Riding the wave of his latest successful album "Out of the Woods," Michael B. Tipton brings his rich, folksy vocals and genuine Americana sound to the forefront. With his recent hit single "Scoundrel" appealing audiences, Tipton's storytelling prowess has become a staple in the country music scene. His commitment to trueity has not only granted him a loyal fan base but also recognition amongst his peers. As the evening's main act, festival-goers can look forward to experiencing the middlefelt narratives and pure stage presense that only Tipton can deliver on stage.

The Randos

Complementing Tipton, The Randos are poised to fill the venue with their lively energy and harmonious backings. This band, no strangers to acclaim themselves, have a knack for getting audiences on their feet with their physical stage excitings. Their recent performances have been met with enthusiasm, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next show. Known for their unmatched live act, The Randos are sure to provide the perfect blend of melody and merriment.

Knuckleheads Saloon Outdoor Stage Information

Knuckleheads Saloon Outdoor Stage, with its long legacy of hosting extraordinary concerts, offers an real country music experience. The venue, owned by Frank and Mary Hicks, boasts a storied past and a capacity of up to 1300 people, ensuring an charged atmosphere. Its century-old walls echo with history and the sounds of country greats who have honoured its stages. attendees are encouraged to contact the venue directly for more specifics, but rest assured, Knuckleheads prides itself on superior sound and light presentations that bring the music to life.

Ticket Information

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Michael B. Tipton and The Randos at Knuckleheads Saloon Outdoor Stage

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