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Retro Room/Gospel Lounge At Knuckleheads Saloon | Kansas City, Missouri

Mountain Grass Unit

Step into a world where the grass is truly bluer-the Mountain Grass Unit is coming to the Retro Room/Gospel Lounge at Knuckleheads Saloon on Monday, 10th June 2024. Revel in an evening where each strum and vocal harmony transports you to the rolling hills of Appalachia. Experience a repertoire that includes crowd favorites like "Whiskey Before Breakfast" and "Foggy Mountain Breakdown."

With tickets starting at just $103, seize the opportunity to witness the mastery that reflects in the lively tales and heartfelt ballads of this celebrated ensemble. tucked in the exciting heart of Kansas City, Missouri, the Retro Room/Gospel Lounge offers the perfect backdrop.

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Prepare to plunge yourself in a night of vivid tunes and lively performances with Mountain Grass Unit at the Retro Room/Gospel Lounge At Knuckleheads Saloon. As the strings dance to the rhythm of pure bluegrass, guests will be engulfed in the soulful blend of traditional tunes and inventive acoustic riffs.

Mountain Grass Unit

popular for their sweet-sounding blend of classic bluegrass with a modern twist, the Mountain Grass Unit is a critically acclaimed band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. The trio, comprising Drury Anderson on mandolin and vocals, Luke Black brandishing the acoustic guitar and banjo, and Sam Wilson on the upright bass, deliver performances that echo with energy and skill. Having graced many stages, charmed music festivals and won hearts with their latest album, the band brings their celebrated talent to Kansas City.

Knuckleheads Saloon Information

The Retro Room/Gospel Lounge At Knuckleheads Saloon, a cornerstone in Kansas City's music scene, offers a perfectly friendly setting for fans to enjoy live music. Known for its rich history of hosting remarkable concerts, this venue with a seating capacity of 60 in the Lounge ensures an exclusive vibe for an extraordinary night. The Saloon's unique character and long-standing tradition of bringing top-notch performances to music lovers make it the ideal place to witness the Mountain Grass Unit's artistry. For venue-specific details, please contact Knuckleheads Saloon directly.

Ticket Information

With tickets starting at just $103, experiencing the riveting performance of Mountain Grass Unit in the cherished location of Retro Room/Gospel Lounge At Knuckleheads Saloon is within your reach. To secure your spot at this much-anticipated event on Monday 10th June 2024, look no further than the dependable shop, Ticket Squeeze.

Mountain Grass Unit at Retro Room/Gospel Lounge At Knuckleheads Saloon

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