Pony Bradshaw at Knuckleheads

Pony Bradshaw Tickets

Knuckleheads | Kansas City, Missouri

Y'ALL!!!! Hear ye, hear ye! Get ready for an unBELLIEVABLE evening of all our favoorite tunes from our darling PONY BRADSHAW, live at Knuckleheads in Kansas City, Missouri this Thursday, 8th June 2023!

This ain't no song and dance – you can feel musically electrified as Pony steps on stage and shakes his boots to rustle those BOOTS-SCootin' rhythms you love! From freshly released HITS to all those foot-stompin', toe-tappin' CLASSICS you know and love, this's gonna be one hell of a country night!

It'll be one night packed with a complete set of her chart-topping and fan-favorite tunes – y'all know the ones that make the heART of country music beat real loud – and if you're lucky, you just may catch a SPECIAL rendition of an old-classic hymns, in his own captivating and heartfelt style.

So don't miss out on this ONce-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of a truly magical experience – get mahoosive, and head down to Knuckleheads with your fellers and gals and be PREPARED to sing till your heart's content! See y'all there! YEEHAAAAAAA!!!

Pony Bradshaw at Knuckleheads

KANSAS CITY, pay attention! Mark your calendars because an extraordinary show is coming to town – PONY BRADSHAW is hitting up Knuckleheads on Thursday, 8th of June 2023!

Be amazed, BE INSPIRED, be captivated by the overwhelming musical power Pony Bradshaw brings.

Excitement PAINTS the night sky – unparalleled soundscapes, sweet grooves, and unforgettable melodies.
This show promises something different and unique for everyone!

Known for huge hits like 'Little Heart', 'Wild Roots' and 'Runaways', Pony Bradshaw is an absolute GENIUS when it comes to creating thoughtful pieces with plenty of depth. Captivating us with his bluesy and soulful approach, Pony's combination of innovative rock and folk fusion never fails to draw in the crowds.

Pony has even had recognition from some of music's most prestigious awards, including the Musicians Union of Music Award. His sheer brilliance has earned him multiple five-star reviews from distinguished industry bloggers and brought him to the heart of these electrifying shows.

As for the venue, Knuckleheads is renowned for its historic atmosphere and iconic concert experiences. Located in Kansas City, Knuckleheads' powerful sound system paired with vibrant acoustics means Pony's set will truly be something special. Plus, the range of delicious food and drinks means no cravings will go unanswered.

If you're ready for a top-notch performance that will rock your socks off, make sure to snag YOUR tickets to Pony Bradshaw at Knuckleheads before they SELL OUT! This will be one night to remember!

Pony Bradshaw at Knuckleheads

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