The Jayhawks at Knuckleheads

The Jayhawks Tickets

Knuckleheads | Kansas City, Missouri

Alternative music lovers cannot get enough of The Jayhawks and some excellent news is that, the famous act is touring again for summer, 2022! For the Missouri, Kansas City leg of the tour, the unforgettable The Jayhawks will be hosted by only the ultimate venue there is and that is Knuckleheads, Missouri, Kansas City on Saturday 11th June 2022. The Jayhawks can give you an outstanding evening of nothing but entertainment and you'll be in that arena feeling nothing but vibes on a Saturday evening like no other! BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW for June, simply follow the 'GET TICKETS' button right away! THINK OF THE NIGHT YOU'LL HAVE!

The Jayhawks at Knuckleheads

We are all really into alternative music right now and were pretty sure that The Jayhawks is the finest act of the genre, with so much success, hit records, they're all so catchy! The Jayhawks is back on tour for summer, 2022 and we believe every single alternative music lover needs to attend! The Missouri, Kansas City stop will be hosted by the smashing Knuckleheads on Saturday 11th June 2022 – a wonderful touch for this high profile concert! Knuckleheads is adored by music lovers across the board, you can expect the Saturday evening in June to be well catered for, from delicious refreshments to easy parking and some of the finest staff in the industry, Knuckleheads is arena royalty, so make sure you attend! ACCESS CAN BE PURCHASED FROM TODAY, you can buy from this page if you simply follow the 'GET TICKETS' button right away!

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