The Nadas at Knuckleheads

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Knuckleheads | Kansas City, Missouri

Don’t miss out! THE NADAS, the ultimate Indie alt-rockers, are coming to town for an awesome CONCERT at Knuckleheads Saloon Indoor Stage in Kansas City, Missouri on August 12, 2023. It's gonna be like…UNREAL! Let's get ready to TURN. IT. UP!

These guys know how to bring the jams, with a hip-shaking fusion of rootsy Rock, Pop, Elementry and Americana. This TOUR is gonna be lit, and we reckon it'll sell fast, with some of their biggest hits like "Silver Lining" and "Blow It All Away" providing the soundtrack to the night.

This is gonna be bucket-list worthy, so grab your TICKET, because this show is bound to be epic! Don’t get left behind – bag your ticket and join in on this MUST-SEE show. There won't be any other show like it in 2023, so don't wait – grab your tickets NOW! #theNadasKC2023

The Nadas at Knuckleheads

Are you ready for a night of pure JOY? Let the NADAS be your rockstar guides to a world of musical EXCITEMENT! On August 12th, 2023, the NADAS are rocketing into the night and straight to Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansas City, Missouri.

This non-stop TICKET to a rockin' time is one you won't want to miss! The NADAS have been touring together for twenty-plus years, delivering HIGH-OCTANE audio adventures to countless fans over the years, a must for any GENXER's best night out.

Rock-solid, soulful and always brimming with an electrifying live show EXPERIENCE, these four may be the indie rock icons you always wanted but never knew you needed! This mind blowing concert is where all the classic Nadas tour anthems take flight, along with the hits from their brand new album.

The NADAS have earned their PAT on the back with not one but TWO Grammy awards, as well as having been named Artist of the Year by the Americana Music Association in 2010. These music maestros continue to redefine the boundaries of folk rock and show no signs of slowing down, this month’s night of fire, sound and fury at Knuckleheads Saloon will be a testament to that fact!

Knuckleheads Saloon Indoor Stage is famously known throughout the Midwest as the place to see innovative live shows across a range of genres. Found in the green heart of Kansas City, Missouri, this venue has an incredible reputation and offers up some of the most illuminating lights and crispest sounds of any music spot in the area.

It’s time to join the NADAS on August 12th at Knuckleheads Saloon and BUMP that MUSIC up! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to be surrounded by the amazing atmosphere of this gig and get your TICKETS before it’s too late! Let’s light up the night!

The Nadas at Knuckleheads

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