Uncle Lucius at Knuckleheads

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Knuckleheads Saloon Indoor Stage | Kansas City, Missouri

Uncle Lucius

Hey y'all, ready for a night to REMEMBER? Uncle Lucius is bringing their soulful rock'n'roll to Knuckleheads Saloon’s Indoor Stage on April 19, 2024! Soak up the gritty vibes and pure Americana that only KC can amplify.

Picture this. It's you, the magnetic energy of a live audience, and the raw, haunting power of hits like "Keep The Wolves Away." Lives change. We cry. We laugh. We sing. It's a concert, sure, but with Uncle Lucius, it's a JOURNEY.

Their sound? Think potent lyrics, deep grooves, and that voice – oh, that voice – all in the intimate embrace of Knuckleheads, where every strum reverberates against your chest. Feels like home, doesn't it?

And remember the thrill of "Just Keep Walking"? Expect that LIVE. The shivers, the feels... This show is gonna hit. Hard.

Let's pack the house. Bring friends. Make memories. Get your tickets now! Don't MISS OUT on the night that'll keep buzzing in your soul way after the final encore. 🎸🎶 #UncleLuciusLive

👉 Tickets? Grab 'em before they vanish like a ghost on the breeze. See y'all there.

How do you get your hit of country music? Well, Can you envision the feeling with a live version? If you love live performances or not, country music feels exclusive and real when its live, you cant put a price on it....And even better the magnificent Uncle Lucius touring again for spring, 2024? Awesome yes!? Well, you have no choice not to attend, this is going to be massive! Uncle Lucius will be the best Friday night of 2024! We bet you can imagine yourself in that crowd, think of the HYPE! Uncle Lucius will be hosted by the magnificent and fully capable Knuckleheads Saloon Indoor Stage on the Missouri, Kansas City leg on Friday 19th April 2024. Knuckleheads Saloon Indoor Stage is great for country concerts and probably the best arena for important concerts like Uncle Lucius. To secure your tickets for Friday 19th April 2024 its pretty simple, its really easy just follow the 'get tickets' icon to go straight through to getting yours.....its that fast! Do not miss this chance!

Uncle Lucius at Knuckleheads Saloon Indoor Stage

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